M.Savage Group Agriculture Team

In a bid to foster collaboration and explore synergies in sustainable agriculture, the Agriculture Director and Team from M.Savage Group recently embarked on an inspiring visit to MANSALLYA FARM. This established farm, founded in 2002 and situated in the village of Jappineh, Jarra Central District, in the Lower River Region of The Gambia, has been making waves in the agricultural sector, operating as an Oregon-based Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) dedicated to producing a diverse range of products, including agriculture, agritourism, and healthcare offerings.

More information about Mansallyaa Farm in The Gambia can be found by visiting the website at

The Collaborative Spirit:

The M.Savage Group team, led by the Agriculture Director, was welcomed warmly by the dedicated team at MANSALLYA FARM. The visit aimed at fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and exploring potential joint ventures that align with both entities’ commitment to sustainable practices and community development.

Exploring Sustainable Agriculture:

The heart of the visit was a deep dive into MANSALLYA FARM’s sustainable agricultural practices. The Agriculture Director and the team were particularly impressed by the farm’s dedication to environmentally conscious farming, which included sustainable crop cultivation and ethical animal rearing. The team gained firsthand knowledge of innovative farming techniques and technologies employed by MANSALLYA FARM.

Building Bridges for the Future:

The collaborative discussions between M.Savage Group and MANSALLYA FARM were marked by a shared enthusiasm for sustainable agriculture and community engagement. Both entities recognized the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships that could drive positive change in the agricultural landscape.

Looking Ahead:

As the Agriculture Director and Team return from this enlightening visit, they bring with them not only insights into innovative farming practices but also the seeds of potential collaborations. M.Savage Group looks forward to nurturing these relationships, contributing to the growth of sustainable agriculture and fostering positive impacts in the communities we serve.

Stay tuned for updates on the exciting ventures that may sprout from this collaborative endeavor between M.Savage Group and MANSALLYA FARM. The journey towards sustainable agriculture and community development has just begun.

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