Face of M.Savage

The Face of M.Savage Group Limited

On behalf of M.Savage Group Limited, we are delighted to introduce Miss Binta Barry as our newly appointed project manager. Miss Barry brings a diverse range of skills and experiences to our team, making her a valuable asset to our organization.

With her background in nursing and as a licensed clearing agent, Miss Barry brings a unique perspective to our projects. Her passion for real estate, beauty fashion, and the environment, particularly in plastic recycling, aligns with our company’s values and commitment to sustainability.

Furthermore, Miss Barry’s involvement in sports and community organizing demonstrates her leadership abilities and dedication to teamwork. Her experience in taekwondo, volleyball, basketball, and fitness gym highlights her discipline, determination, and ability to excel in challenging environments.

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At M.Savage Group Limited, we believe in promoting gender equality in the workplace. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all employees, irrespective of their gender. We firmly uphold the principle of equal pay for equal work and regularly review our compensation policies to ensure fairness and address any gender pay gaps that may exist.

In line with our commitment to gender equality, we actively encourage and support women’s participation in leadership positions. We provide mentorship, training, and growth opportunities to talented women within our organization, fostering a culture that values diversity and inclusion.

We are confident that Miss Binta Barry’s appointment as project manager will contribute significantly to the success and growth of our company. We extend our warmest welcome to her and look forward to working together to achieve our goals.

Once again, congratulations to Miss Binta Barry on joining our wonderful team at M.Savage Group Limited.

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