United Stars FC

United Stars Football Club
Advances to Nawatan Football Finals

We are pleased to announce that United Stars Football Club, representing Churchill’s Town in Serrekunda East, The Gambia, has successfully reached the finals of the prestigious Nawatan football competition! This remarkable achievement has earned them the opportunity to compete in the momentous final match, scheduled to take place on the 17th of November, a Friday, at the renowned Serrekunda East football field.

In addition to this thrilling news, we are delighted to acknowledge the invaluable support of MSavage Group, the esteemed sponsors of our beloved football team. With unwavering enthusiasm, they have rallied behind United Stars, fervently hoping for their triumph in securing the championship trophy.

The Nawatan football competition holds significant prominence, and our team has exhibited relentless determination to secure their place in the finals. For both players and fans alike, this remarkable feat is akin to a dream transformed into reality. Throughout the tournament, United Stars has consistently showcased their exceptional football skills, captivating spectators with countless exhilarating moments.

The impending match at the Serrekunda East football field promises to be an awe-inspiring showdown of epic proportions. The entire town is abuzz with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to witness our team’s exceptional performance.

The management at MSavage Group has demonstrated an unwavering commitment towards our team, ensuring that they are aware of the immense support they enjoy. They have conveyed their heartfelt best wishes to United Stars Football Club, extending their sincere hopes for success in the finals. It is truly remarkable to witness an entire company rally behind our team with such fervor.

We, therefore, call upon all supporters to unite, donning their United Stars jerseys, and demonstrate unwavering support on the 17th of November, a day that promises to be unforgettable. Whether present at the football field or cheering from the comfort of your homes, let us collectively ignite the atmosphere with our resounding applause and cheers for our remarkable team.

With crossed fingers, positive energy permeating the air, and an enormous expression of gratitude towards MSavage Group for their exceptional sponsorship, we cheerfully declare: Go United Stars! Bring that coveted trophy home.

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